Hernando News

Published by Fred L. Robertson

Brooksville Star

Editor JC (John Cabell) Burwell was an avid “autoist”. He is said to have owned the first car in Brooksville.

Southern Argus

Southern Argus 1902 to 1924 published weekly

Brooksville Herald

Brooksville Herald 1926 to 1930 published weekly by the Herald Publishing Co.

Brooksville Journal

Brooksville Journal 1928 to 1959 published weekly by father and son E.R. and Wallace Russell

Brooksville Sun

Brooksville Sun 1932 to 1959 published weekly by Victor J. Lord

Brooksville Sun-Journal

Brooksville Sun-Journal 1960 to 1976 published weekly. James M Talley was the proprietor.

Daily Sun Journal

Daily Sun Journal 1979 to 1992 published by Roy H. Park

Hernando Today

Hernando Today 1987 to 2014

Hernando Sun

The Hernando Sun started printing on March 1, 2015 and continues printing a newspaper to this day. They also provide online coverage at https://www.hernandosun.com.